Dear Emma's Diary

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March 28, 2022

Dear Emma’s Diary,

Last year I lost a baby during pregnancy and I recently joined a support group for women who have experienced pregnancy loss.

It was on this group where I chat to grieving, traumatised and broken women that I heard some horrifying stories.

Many women continue to receive content relating to pregnancy when they are no longer pregnant and that is absolutely NOT OK. I have been really shocked to hear some of these stories and the impact that the interactions have had on these vulnerable ladies; it is incredibly triggering and upsetting for them.

This is through their details being made available to your partners after they have signed up earlier in their pregnancy, back when it was filled with excitement and hope. They trusted you with their details. Not only do you break that trust but you then make it very difficult for them to unsubscribe from this content.

Can you imagine how this is making women feel?

One lady got a letter in the post inviting her to sign up for a junior ISA. Imagine that! Really think about it... losing a baby, bringing home ashes instead of joy and reading something like this addressed directly to you in the post.

Please can you seriously and quickly review your practices to ensure your platform stops hurting women in this way?

Best wishes,


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