Trying to Conceive after Loss

Get the support and empowerment you need following baby loss by joining us on the Pathway to Recovery course.
NEXT START DATE - 10.01.22

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A course to help you through the pressures of Trying To Conceive (TTC) after loss

Trying to conceive can be, at the best of times, stressful and lacking in romance, but after loss it can also be triggering, traumatic and sad.

We have put together this course to help women and couples through the difficulties and pressures of TTC after loss.

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Female Reproductive Health

Our FRH practitioner will help you learn your cycle, get to know your body and all its quirks in order to maximise your chance of conception.

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Fertility Nutrition

Our fertility nutritionist introduces us to what we should be eating during the TTC period to nourish and give our bodies the best chance we can of falling pregnant. This also includes advice for sperm production.

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Relationship Guidance

Our relationship counsellor gives us take home tasks and provides advice on how to keep communication going through these difficult times – she provides ideas and tips on how to effectively communicate, TTC is teamwork after all.

Wow that sounds amazing!

Well yes it does BUT there is more...

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Sex Advice

Our amazing sexologist (ok, we don’t know if that’s the right term, but we love it) is on hand to help spice things up during that really challenging fertile window – and just generally!

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Mindset and Meditation

Our mindset coach is onboard to help us with those triggers, TTC related obsessive behaviours and fixations, we'll give you lots of advice for the two week wait as well.

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Manifestation, Affirmation and Visualisation

Find out why and how this can help you on your TTC journey. Packed with practical tools, tips, trick and ideas to help develop rituals which will reduce overhwhelm and improve patience and optimism.

Whaaaaaaaaat? That's INSANE, there can't be anything else... surely?

Yep, we have a few little extras, 'cos we love ya xxx

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Fertility Specilaist Guidance

Bonus material with the focus on miscarriage and fertility treatment. What tests to have, where to seek help, how to advocate for yourself and a few extra practical tips of simple things you can do to help with the dreaded two week wait.

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3 months free membership to the Warrior Hub

3 months free in our TWGGE Warrior Hub following registration to the course.

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Community Shizzle

Fortnightly zoom meets with Bex, Laura & other members on the course along with access to a messaging platform to keep in contact during the course.


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