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Employee Support for Miscarriage & Baby Loss

Experience tells us that when employees go through the heartache of a miscarriage, they are more likely to be back to better health in a shorter time frame, if they receive the right support following miscarriage / baby loss.

With as many as one in four pregnancies ending in loss, it can be a difficult time for employees, and that can often result in extended leave, or worse, an increase in presenteeism, which is when employees are there, but neither in good health nor able to perform at their usual capacity. The latter can have a wider detrimental impact if not addressed. For many years, families have suffered the upset of a miscarriage in silence and can find it difficult to explain the bereavement to their employer. Some are uncomfortable sharing their loss, and some are fearful it will impact their employment.

Common issues after
miscarriage and baby loss:

TWGGE's Vision

End the silence and minimise the suffering for those who have been through the trauma of miscarriage & baby loss.

We now want businesses to join this movement ✊

What employers can do

As well as our platforms that provide free peer-to-peer, community support, TWGGE also runs a series of practical courses, lovingly created to aid recovery and boost wellness following a miscarriage or baby loss. Our courses, including our flagship Pathway to Recovery course (£225), are held off-site and out of work hours, for partnering businesses to offer to their employees, in times of need.

For a small investment, employers are setting the tone for a supportive culture, while sending a clear internal message:

1. They value their employees

2. They are investing in their well-being

3. They welcome and support women of child-bearing age - something many businesses fall short on.

TWGGE also offers courses in Trying to Conceive After Loss (£225) and Pregnancy After Loss (£99).

Corporate partners

Want to become a corporate partner? 🙌
Want to become a
corporate partner? 🙌

Reviews & Stats

"Doing the course made me feel more able to focus at work and less emotional on a daily basis"


"Doing the course made me feel more able to focus at work and less emotional on a daily basis"


"The PTR provided me with tools to improve my resilience and productivity at work"

"As a manager the course helped me not only as an individual, but it gave me the tools to help employees I look after following their experiences of baby loss"

"I’ve now returned to work and without a doubt, the course has helped the return to be less daunting and definitely helped me to be more productive that I would have been."


🤯 100%

of those who took our PTR Course

felt improvement in their mental wellness

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