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Dear Brave Warrior,
Welcome to The Worst Girl Gang Ever – A support platform and podcast for miscarriage and baby loss.

Firstly, we are so, so sorry that you find yourself here. It really is the gang that you’d never choose to be part of, but as you’ll soon find out that it is also a gang chokka-block full of kind, supportive, warrior women, just like you.

It’s Laura & Bex, we're the ones
leading everyone into battle...
just look at those warrior poses...

Bex & Laura ready for battle

We are just two passionate idiots, brought together by baby loss and a common desire to help others. Having been through miscarriage and pregnancy loss ourselves, we know how devastating the experience is, and how isolated and lonely it can make you feel.

We get you &
we’ve got you.

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We’re so bloody excited to announce that our book ‘the worst girl gang ever, A survival guide for miscarriage and pregnancy loss’ is OUT NOW!!

We have written this book to be a comfort and a companion through the heartbreak of baby loss. No more shame, no more taboo. It’s time to smash the stigmas.

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Extending our reach

We are desperate and dedicated to expanding our campaign to reach more suffering women and couples, but our resources are limited and we would love your help.

Please visit our Gogetfunding page to read our latest campaign details and donate a few pennies to the TWGGE purse…

(Anyway, we’re off to leaf through Caribbean holiday brochures… 😉)

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“the privacy of miscarriage should be a choice not an instruction”

Our goals

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Reduce Stigma

By talking openly, honestly and conversationally about these sensitive topics, we aim to reduce the stigma, smash the taboo and break the silence that has surrounded baby loss for decades.

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Support & Empower

We want to support and empower women and men to talk and grieve openly about their experience without shame or fear of judgement.

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Improve Education

We are determined to improve the education our future generations receive in fertility & loss. We’re on a mission to open the dialogue surrounding these topics, so that as they enter their ‘baby making’ years, if they stumble into difficulty, they have managed expectations and are armed with the knowledge and resources they need to navigate their way through.

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You'll be sent the link to register for our xmas webinar as well as ‘A Guide To The Ugly Feelings’. You know the ones…. Jealously, bitterness, resentment… unfortunately a host of completely normal feelings that come with loss that can make you feel pretty flipping rubbish.

The Support Community

The Worst Girl Gang Ever foundation. Here you can meet other members of the gang, talk about your own experiences and receive support, or do what you can to help others. Both are proven ways to manage loss.

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